Terry E. Rumas, DMD Abraham M. Englander, DMD

Teeth Whitening in Milford, MA

According to recent research, your smile is often the first thing that others notice about you. What does your smile say? Dr. Rumas offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments at 222 Main Street Dental to help patients in the Milford area make their best first impression. One of our most popular and effective dental services is professional-grade teeth whitening. This can remove years of stains from everyday habits like drinking coffee, tea, or even using tobacco products! Call us today to learn more or to schedule your teeth whitening appointment.

 Teeth Whitening Procedure

Dr. Rumas or Dr. Englander will speak with your during your consultation at our Milford office to discuss what your hopes are for teeth whitening. After determining what your ideal brightness could be, we’ll proceed with a quick oral health exam to check that there aren’t any underlying problems. After all, everyone at our Milford dental practice wants your teeth to be healthy and beautiful!

When it’s clear that teeth whitening would benefit you, a member of our Milford team will create custom-fitted whitening trays. The trays resemble a mouthguard, and are used to carefully hold your prescription teeth whitening gel in place. You’ll simply load the gel into the trays one time per day, and wear them for the recommended amount of time, which is usually half an hour. Dr. Rumas or Dr. Englander will provide specific instructions for your teeth whitening treatment, so be sure to carefully follow their instructions. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to lighten your enamel with this technique.

Teeth Whitening Success

Our Milford patients love the effects of teeth whitening! On average, you’ll achieve your ideal results in as little as two weeks. We encourage feedback from each person in our care with any of our services, so please feel free to ask us any questions you may have at any point during your teeth whitening treatment. Dr. Rumas and Dr. Englander look forward to seeing your revitalized smile.

Contact the office of 222 Main Street Dental to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening. We see patients from Medway, Bellingham, Mendon, Uxbridge, Upton, and the surrounding Massachusetts towns at our Milford dentist office. If this will be your first time at Dr. Rumas’s office, please take a moment to review our new patient page, which lists helpful information and instructions. To learn about the other ways Dr. Rumas can enhance your smile, check out our cosmetic dentistry services! We’re happy to help everyone in your household fully refresh their dental health with family dentistry services.