Terry E. Rumas, DMD Abraham M. Englander, DMD

Endodontics in Milford, MA

Nobody likes to live with discomfort, and this remains true for your teeth. Pain is usually the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, so it’s important to see a trusted dental professional if your tooth is hurting. The compassionate Milford team at 222 Main Street Dental is ready to help return your smile to normal with our endodontics services. Also called root canal therapy, this procedure is often the last line of defense to prevent an extraction if a tooth is infected. If you or a member of your family is experiencing persistent discomfort and may need endodontics therapy, call us immediately.

Deep within a tooth’s layers of enamel is a channel called the pulp. This delicate structure can quickly become compromised if the germs and bacteria that normally inhabit a healthy mouth work their way into the tooth. Dr. Rumas and Dr. Englander perform root canals as a part of their endodontics services for Milford patients, and do everything possible to make the procedure comfortable. We only use endodontic treatment as a last resort to preserve the natural tooth.

During endodontic therapy, we’ll go into the tooth to remove the troublesome bacteria, apply antibiotics as needed, fill the channel with a tooth-colored composite to prevent harmful bacteria from reentering the area, and complete the procedure with a crown. This procedure is usually the best way to prevent further oral health complications, and Dr. Rumas and Dr. Englander will explain the importance that endodontics can play in your overall well-being.

Our Milford patients appreciate our ability to perform this involved procedure right in our office. We provide same-day emergency dentistry to existing patients, and can help those who need endodontic treatment within our existing office hours. Our compassionate team and our advanced dental technology enable us to provide quality care to root canal therapy and endodontics patients at 222 Main Street Dental.

Contact us immediately if you think that you may need endodontics. Dr. Rumas and Dr. Englander see patients for root canal therapy from Milford, Uxbridge, Mendon, Medway, Bellingham, Upton, and the surrounding Massachusetts towns. Dr. Rumas wants to keep your smile in top condition, with our family dentistry services, restorative dentistry care, or even cosmetic dentistry treatments. Your health is our number one priority at all times!